adminMay 19, 2023

Flooding in Krumau am Kamp: three infant bodies , two girls and a boy , are found in the basement of the Trummler family ‘s farm , which has long been uninhabited . The children were suffocated immediately after birth and buried on the spot . A dark reputation precedes the Trummelrs ; the word “cursed” is used more than once : after the daughter ‘s disappearance without a trace. The villagers have never quite forgotten the tragedy , and so willOld wounds opened up when Marion Reiter from the St. Pölten homicide squad took up the investigation . She is assisted by the inexperienced but persistent local police officer Ulli Herzog . As the two delve deeper into the Trummels ‘ dark family secrets . The two of them don’t seem to be bothered by the macabre history at first , but the shadows of the past soon catch up with them too .


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