Defense Fully Open

adminMay 15, 2023

In the test, Li Xiaobai, with the props produced by the system, passed the three hurdles of body technique, mind and cultivation and successfully entered the Holy Devil Sect. Li Xiaobai identified with his senior brother and sister. He participated in the sect’s martial arts competition and defeated the experts from other states to obtain the qualification to go to the secret realm. At this time, Feng Wu Xie suddenly came to the door, stating that Li Xiaobai’s impersonation of Zhang Rui was discovered by the evil cultivators, who were attacking the Immortal Feather Sect. All of them returned to the sect together and fought hard with the evil cultivators. At this time, the head of the Holy Demon Sect, Ouyezi, came out to help the crowd repel the evil cultivators. Li Xiaobai, who thought he could dazzle for two days, had no choice but to embark on a trip to the secret realm under the system’s serial urging.

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